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Cap Printing

Oct 27

Unstructured and Structured Cap Printing: What are They?

You want to learn more about promotional cap printing singapore? You'll be an expert in hat making once you have read this article.

Key Differences between Structured Cap Printing and Unstructured.

We'll start by discussing the differences between unstructured and structured caps, and the benefits of each for promotional purposes.

Promotional Structured Custom Caps

Structured custom caps singapore: What is it?

Custom Unstructured Custom Caps

You're ready to transition to unstructured caps.

What are the Different Profiles of Custom Cap Singapore?

You'll see terms such as "high profile", “medium profile” or "low profile" when you browse our collection of custom hats and caps.

Custom Low Profile Cap

Our personalized baseball cap printing are the most popular gifts for sports teams.

Low Profile Cap

  • Front panel slight tilt
  • The brim is low to the forehead. It rests just above your eye, and the crown extends just a little bit beyond your head.
  • Golfers and baseball players love casual, comfortable and comfortable looks.

Wholesale Medium Profile Cap

Buying wholesale medium profile hats for giveaways at trade shows or other events is a smart move.

Features of Medium Profile Cap

  • An inclined front panel contrasts with a cap with a low profile
  • Larger area to place logos
  • A crown which is longer than the ones worn in low-profile caps, but shorter than high-profile caps.

Promotional High Profile Cap

A trucker hat can be a promotional custom cap printing singapore or other wholesale giveaway.

High Profile Caps

  • Front panels with rigid design
  • Large logos that face the front are placed towards the middle section of the front panel.
  • Crowns with high-rise, often extended one inch or more above the heads of users

Custom 5 & 6 Panel Hats & Caps

Next, we'll discuss the 6 and 5 panel caps. Want to learn more?

5-Panel Promotional Caps featuring Logos

What's the difference between five panel caps and Let's look at some of their characteristics:

5 Panel Cap Features

  • Large and wide front facing panels.
  • A line of small stitches that runs from the crown
  • Extra prominent logo display, often embroidered

These corporate logo five-panel caps are great for displaying a complex and detailed style. Your company has the option to create its own five panel caps by using screen printing, full color printing embroidery and heat transfer printing.

Custom Printed Business Name 6 Panel Cap

What is a six-panel cap? Let's find out in the table below:

6 Panel Cap Features

  • The most favored style of baseball cap
  • More sophisticated than a five-panel cap.
  • Embellishment can be included in smaller sizes.
  • A round appearance is caused by the equal number of panels

Buy our custom 6 panel cap printing with your corporate logo imprinted in bulk to make a powerful marketing tool for mobile devices.